We made this AWESOME CHOCOLATE PINATA! You can use any type of thin plastic for a mold, My stud doesnt even drink soda BUT I had a strawberry pop on the side annnnddd I thought it would look super neat!  so here is the videoooo!!!!


Authentic Looking Jungle sign DIY!

I am So proud of this video! I asked my man to just help me make a base for this sign I wanted and he transformed the entire piece for the baby shower!! Continue reading

Safari Animal Print Pretzels (baby shower theme)

Ok So I have been just having so much fun making these Baby Animal print prezzzllleeeezzz soo I made a video, they were a huge hit at the baby shower!!! Im becoming quite obsessed with this animal jungle safari themed stuff!!! heres the vid!

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Baddass Henna & Recipe!!!

OK I dont know about you.. But I envy every frigen henna picture known to humankind

So I decided to see if I could actually make this magical art form

I will post a video on how to do it yourself below!

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Bad Ass Baby Shower Jungle Party Favors!!! DIY

OOOOOOooooo my goodnesss, I am legit swooning for these baby shower jars!’

I know these are quite popular but when My friend asked me to help plan her Baby Shower it was my time to shine!!! So I take you along in the video!!


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